Lambdoid Suture Location

Lambdoid Suture

Lambdoid Suture Definition & Location It refers to a thick, fibrous connective tissue joint found in the posterior area of the skull which links the parietal bones with the occipital bone. The structure is also called as Lambdoidal Suture and is consistent with the occipitomastoid suture. (more…)

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Photos of Azygos Vein

Azygos Vein

Azygos Vein Definition It is a one-sided vessel which arises in the thorax to the right part of the vertebral column, delivering deoxygenated blood from the posterior abdominal and chest walls. It is an essential part of the azygos venous system. Azygos Vein Origin This vein develops in the thorax at the level of T12 […]

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Pictures of Falciform Ligament

Falciform Ligament

Falciform Ligament Definition It refers to a band of tough fibrous tissues which attach part of the liver to the abdominal and diaphragm wall. This sickle-shaped ligament is a remnant of the ventral mesentery of the fetus. Falciform Ligament Location It is located on the left side of the midline of the abdomen and passes […]

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Fibularis longus Pictures

Peroneus longus

Peroneus longus Definition It is the more superficial of the two lateral muscles of the lower leg. The long, strap-like structure is also called fibularis longus. The term Peroneus is derived from a Greek word called “Perone” referring to pin of a buckle. Simply put, it relates to the fibula of the leg. (more…)

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Chordae tendineae Location

Chordae tendineae

Chordae tendineae Definition These are string-like bands of fibrous tissue that attach to the cusps of the lower chamber of the heart. The structure is also known by the following names: Heart strings Tendinous chords Chordae tendineae Origin The cord-like tendons emerge from small stacks of muscle tissue called papillary muscles that inwardly project from […]

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Thymus Photo


Thymus Definition It is a vital glandular organ that helps in the development of the body’s immune system by secreting hormones called humoral factors. It is mainly composed of lymphatic tissues, and remains highly active during infancy and pre-adolescent years. Similarly, the spleen is composed of numerous efferent lymphatic vessels that filters out old red […]

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Iliopsoas Muscle Location


Iliopsoas Definition It is basically a compound muscle comprising of the iliacus and the psoas major. These distinct muscles are typically denoted as “iliopsoas” with reference to the dorsal or inner aspect of the hip joint. However, it does not include the psoas minor. Iliopsoas Origin The lateral regions of the vertebral bodies of T12 […]

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Picture of Supinator muscle

Supinator muscle

Supinator muscle Definition It is a broad, cylindrical-shaped muscle in the forearm that normally curves around the upper third of the radius. As the name suggests, the muscle causes supination, which describes movement at an ankle, foot, or a shoulder joint. Previously, “supinator longus” referred to the brachioradialis, a muscle of the forearm, and the […]

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Picture of Intercalated discs

Intercalated discs

Intercalated discs Definition These are transverse bands that separate the adjacent ends in cardiac muscle fibers. Normally these structures appear as stained irregular lines at 90 degrees to the striped sarcomeric pattern. Intercalated discs Pronunciation These are generally pronounced as “in-ter-ca-lat-ed disks. (more…)

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picture of mammary glands

Mammary gland

Mammary gland Definition It is one of the two inflamed exocrine glands in females who have attained reproductive maturity. The gland becomes functional only after childbirth. It is normally a rudimentary structure in males. Mammary gland Location It is located in the breast overlying the pectoralis major, the fan-shaped muscles situated at the chest. (more…)

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