Picture of Intercalated discs

Intercalated discs

Intercalated discs Definition These are transverse bands that separate the adjacent ends in cardiac muscle fibers. Normally these structures appear as stained irregular lines at 90 degrees to the striped sarcomeric pattern. Intercalated discs Pronunciation These are generally pronounced as “in-ter-ca-lat-ed disks. (more…)

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picture of mammary glands

Mammary gland

Mammary gland Definition It is one of the two inflamed exocrine glands in females who have attained reproductive maturity. The gland becomes functional only after childbirth. It is normally a rudimentary structure in males. Mammary gland Location It is located in the breast overlying the pectoralis major, the fan-shaped muscles situated at the chest. (more…)

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Sternocleidomastoid muscle location

Sternocleidomastoid muscle

Sternocleidomastoid muscle Definition It is one of the two long, thick muscles attached to the superior layers of the anterior region of the neck. It forms a part of a group of muscles called anterolateral neck flexors. Sternomastoid is the other name of the superior muscle. For simplicity, it is abbreviated as SCM. (more…)

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Sural nerve

Sural nerve

Sural nerve Definition It is a sensory nerve in the lower leg that lies close to the small saphenous vein, situated in the calf. As the bundle of fibers form a branch of the femoral nerve, it is also known as “short saphenous nerve”. Sural nerve Origin The nerve normally emerges from the junction of […]

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Pylorus Anatomy


Pylorus Definition It is a small constriction at the lower end of the stomach that directly opens into the duodenum. The aperture generally marks the end of the stomach and the beginning of the small intestine. It is often mistaken as keratosis pilaris, a common, autosomal dominant condition marked by rough, red, bumps on the skin. Pylorus Location […]

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Ischial tuberosity Photo

Ischial tuberosity

Ischial tuberosity Definition It is a large bony projection at the junction of the lower end of the body of the left and right ischium, the lower back part of the hip bone, and its ramus. It is also known by several other names like: Tuber ischiadicum Tuberosity of the ischium Sitting bone Sitz bone (more…)

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Xiphoid process Location

Xiphoid process

Xiphoid process Definition It is a small cartilaginous projection of the lower portion of the breastbone or sternum that ranges in size from miniscule to several inches in length. The term “xiphoid” is derived from the Greek word xiphos, meaning straight sword. The tapered piece of bone is also known by the following names: Metasternum Xiphisternum […]

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Pictures of Platysma

Platysma Muscle

Platysma Definition It is a subcutaneous muscle present under the chin that overlies the sternocleidomastoid. It belongs to the group of cross-striated musculature. Platysma Location It usually occurs as a pair of broad sheet of muscles on either side of the anterior neck. (more…)

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Images of Cephalic vein

Cephalic vein (Antecubital vein)

Cephalic vein Definition It is the subcutaneous vein of the upper extremity. It is sometimes denoted as “antecubital vein”. The term cephalic refers to anatomy of the head. Cephalic vein Location It is located on the lateral side of the left and right arm that runs from the hand to the shoulder. It is not a deep or distal […]

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Epiphysis Picture


Epiphysis Definition It is a vital growth area near the end of a long bone, which later fuses with the main bone through ossification. It is further divided into proximal, radial and distal sections. It is often mistaken for epiphysis cerebri, a small endocrine gland in the brain. Its plural is epiphyses. (more…)

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