What is Occipitalis?

It is a thin, quadrilateral (four-sided) muscle that originates by tendinous fibers from the lateral part of the superior nuchal line of the occipital bone and from the mastoid section of the temporal.

Occipitalis Location

It is situated above the base of the scalp, at the rear part of the head.

Occipitalis Function

This muscle assists in raising the eyebrows and pulling back the scalp. Some people have the unique ability to use this muscle to wiggle their ears. It can also help create a surprised or startled look in the face.

Occipitalis Disorders

Tension or keeping the eyebrows raised for a long time can cause pain in this muscle. As a result, one may experience painful sensations around the eye, at the top or back of the head and in the teeth. Tension in this muscle is often responsible for headaches.

The condition can be remedied with the aid of gentle massages. Press your fingers into the ridge in the back of the head and above the base of the skull and pull them down. Do this for a few times. Then start massaging from the middle region of the skull and extend out towards the ears on either side. This type of massage is found to be effective in relieving tension in the neck and tightness in the scalp.

Occipitalis Pictures

Take a look at these useful images of Occipitalis to know how this muscle looks like.

Picture of Occipitalis

Picture 1 –¬†Occipitalis

Image of Occipitalis

Picture 2 –¬†Occipitalis Image




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