Corpus Callosum Location

Corpus Callosum

Our brain is the most complicatedly structured part of the body. The right and the left hemispheres of the brain perform definite functions and maintain sync between different body parts, thereby producing different sensations in the body. (more…)

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Parts of Large Intestine

Large Intestine

The end part of the human digestive system is the large intestine. No digestion occurs in this organ but it certainly does play an important role in removing the undigested food particle. (more…)

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Location of the Small Intestine

Small Intestine

The digestive system is involved in the breakdown of complex food into smaller absorbable form. The ultimate fate of the food we eat is cellular respiration. The form in which the food is present is not absorbable by the cells. That is why digestive system breaks them into their ultimate product, which is diffusible through […]

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Liver Anatomy


Many organs in our body are responsible for multiple functions. They are responsible for maintaining the balance between different systems of our body and maintain the immune system. Amongst all these useful organs, liver comes in the fourth place of the list. After brain, spinal cord and heart, the liver is that organ in our […]

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Kidney Location


The excretory system of the human body is majorly dependent on a pair of kidneys along with a pair of ureters, a urinary bladder, and a urethra. The kidneys resemble the shape of brown beans and measure an average of 10 – 12 cm in length, 5 – 7 cm in width, 2 – 3 […]

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Location of Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

A human body is like a machine, performing different functions all at the same time but in a coordinated manner. However, the engine of this mysterious and amazing system is the nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for controlling each and every action of the body, the ultimate controller. Brain sits at the top […]

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Location of Gallbladder


The digestive system in human beings is one of the major controlling organ systems. With the incorporation of a number of organs, the system collectively controls the breakdown of the complex nutrient molecules into simple absorbable forms. All the organs perform differently but in a well-coordinated manner. (more…)

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Location of Phalanges


Phalanges Definition The type of bones which form the skeleton of digits i.e. the fingers and toes of the body are primarily known as phalanges bones. The human body has a total of fifty-six phalanges, with three phalanges for each finger and toes except for two phalanges per thumb and large toes in feet. The […]

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Location of Metacarpal Bones

Metacarpal Bones

The hand is important for writing, grasping objects and doing our daily work. From outside, the hand might seem to be a single part of the body. However, anatomically, a hand is made up of different types of bones that bring about the motion by working in coordination. (more…)

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Carpal Bones Location

Carpal Bones

The upper extremity of the human beings has the largest number of bones. This part of the skeleton varies from being simple to complex. The various articulations and the different structures allow the multifarious movements of the hand. Amongst the parts of the upper extremity, the wrist is one of the complex parts in terms […]

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