Nail Plate Photos

Nail Plate

Nail Plate Definition It is the actual fingernail that is made of translucent keratin protein composed of amino acids. It is produced by a type of modified epidermis. It is also known as “Body of Nail” or “Corpus Unguis”. The plate is the actual nail. In common terminology, the word “nail” only refers to the […]

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Anal Canal Photos

Anal Canal

What is Anal Canal? It is the last section of the large intestine. It is the last spot where stools pass through before finally exiting the body. Anal Canal Location Picture 1 – Anal Canal It is located in a position between the rectum and the anus, under the level of the pelvic diaphragm. It […]

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Pictures of Mandibular Canal

Mandibular Canal

Mandibular Canal Definition It is a channel that extends from the mandibular foramen located on the median surface of the ramus, the posterior section of the mandible which is somewhat vertical in appearance. Mandibular Canal Anatomy It is present inside the mandible that consists of: Inferior alveolar vein Inferior alveolar nerve Inferior alveolar artery (more…)

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Articular tubercle Images

Articular tubercle

Articular tubercle Definition It is an articular protuberance of the temporal bone that is anteriorly bound by the mandibular fossa. It is enveloped with the articular fossa by the articular capsule of the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint). Picture 1 – Articular tubercle The crown of the mandible as well as the interfering articular disc proceeds onto […]

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Cricoid cartilage Images

Cricoid cartilage

Cricoid cartilage Definition The Cricoid cartilage is the ring-like formation at the base of the larynx. This structure also forms the uppermost part of the Trachea. The Cricoid cartilage is frequently referred to as the voice box and it forms the laryngeal prominence in men which is also known as Adam’s apple. (more…)

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Sentinel Lymph Node Images

Sentinel Lymph Node

What is Sentinel Lymph Node? It is the first lymph node that a tumor drains into. In other words, it is the first lymph gland that is most likely to be invaded by cancerous cells. In some cases, there can be multiple nodes of this type. (more…)

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