Articular tubercle

Articular tubercle Definition

It is an articular protuberance of the temporal bone that is anteriorly bound by the mandibular fossa. It is enveloped with the articular fossa by the articular capsule of the TMJ (Temporomandibular joint).

Articular tubercle Images
Picture 1 – Articular tubercle

The crown of the mandible as well as the interfering articular disc proceeds onto the articular tubercle. This allows the mandible (aperture of the mouth) to be fully depressed.

Articular tubercle Names

This bony projection is known by many other names, such as

  • Articular eminence of temporal bone
  • Eminentia articularis ossis temporalis
  • Tuber zygomaticum
  • Tuberculum articulare ossis temporalista

Articular tubercle Function

This eminence forms the anterior boundary of the mandibular fossa. When fresh, it is shrouded by a cartilaginous covering. It creates the frontal root of the zygomatic process.

Articular tubercle Pictures

Here are some carefully selected Articular tubercle images that give an exact idea about the visual appearance of this physical structure. Take a look at these Articular Tubercle photos to know how this bony projection looks like.

Photos of Articular tubercle
Picture 2 – Articular tubercle Photo

Pictures of Articular tubercle
Picture 3 – Articular tubercle Image


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