Alveolar duct

Alveolar duct
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Alveolar duct Definition

It refers to very small end ducts of the ramifying airways inside the lungs. There are approximately 1.5-2 million such structures within each lung of a person. These are also often known as the final branches of the human bronchial tree.

Alveolar duct Location

As aforementioned, these are located inside the lungs. These are found beyond the respiratory bronchioles. These are formed by a series of alveoli lying next to each other.

Alveolar duct Function

This is a part of the human respiratory passage branching out from the bronchioles. The alveoli and the alveolar sacs originate from this structure. It serves as the connection between the bronchi and the alveoli.

Alveolar duct Pictures

Take a look at these useful images to know how this respiratory duct appears under a microscope.

Picture of Alveolar duct

Picture 1 – Alveolar duct

Image of Alveolar duct

Picture 2 – Alveolar duct Image



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