Renal Capsule

Renal Capsule
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Renal Capsule Definition

It refers to a thin membranous protective covering over the external surface of the left as well as the right kidney.

Renal Capsule Location

The capsule is found to surround the outer walls of the kidney. It is found to enter into the sinus, a hollow area of the kidney. It connects to the major ducts, veins, and arteries inside the sinus.

Renal Capsule Appearance

It is enclosed in a thick perinephric adipose tissue layer. It comprises of strong fibers, primarily elastin and collagen. In a healthy individual, it is mild reddish-purple in color and has a smooth, translucent surface.

Renal Capsule Function

This membranous structure protects the kidney from possible damage and injuries. It also helps support the weight of the organ. It lines the wall of the sinus.

The capsule gets its blood supply from the interlobar vessels or tiny vessels that arise from the primary renal arteries.

Renal Capsule Pictures

Know about the physical appearance of this capsule with the help of these useful images.

Picture of Renal Capsule

Picture 1 – Renal Capsule

Image of Renal Capsule

Picture 2 – Renal Capsule Image





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