Atrioventricular septum

Atrioventricular septum Definition

It is cardiac septum (division between two cavities or tissues) between the left ventricle (LV) and the right atrium (RA) of the heart. It is abbreviated as AV septum.

Atrioventricular septum Anatomy

The AV septum comprises a muscular as well as a membranous section. It is a small section of the membranous septum of the heart. It is formed due to the union of the ventral and the dorsal AV cushion.

Atrioventricular septum Location

It is situated immediately above the septal cusp of the tricuspid valve.

Atrioventricular septum Function

It is mainly needed by the body to act as a division between the right atrium and the left ventricle. It divides the atrioventricular canal.

Atrioventricular septum Problems

Defects in the AV septum, such as ostium primum defect, may occur due to incomplete development of the endocardial cushions.

Atrioventricular septum Pictures

These useful images would help you locate the AV septum in the human heart.

Picture of Atrioventricular septum

Picture 1 – Atrioventricular septum

 Image of Atrioventricular septum

Picture 2 – Atrioventricular septum Image


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