Conus arteriosus

Conus arteriosus
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What is Conus arteriosus?

It is a cone-shaped pouch that is formed from the left angle and the upper angle of the right ventricle located in the chordate heart. The pulmonary trunk originates from this structure. The sac has a smooth wall.

Conus arteriosus Synonyms

This conical sac is also referred to by various other names like:

  • Cône artériel
  • Pulmonary conus
  • Infundibulum of right ventricle
  • Outflow tract of right ventricle

Conus arteriosus Location

It is situated at the entry point of the pulmonary trunk in the heart.

Conus arteriosus Function

It allows the blood to pass without flowing into the lungs until they are formed completely and infants can breathe on their own.

Conus arteriosus Pictures

Take a look at these images of the structure to know about its physical appearance.

Picture of Conus arteriosus

Picture 1 – Conus arteriosus

 Image of Conus arteriosus

Picture 2 – Conus arteriosus Image


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