Cardinal Ligament

Cardinal Ligament
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Cardinal Ligament Definition

It is a major uterine ligament of the human body. The female body contains a pair of these structures. It is part of a visceral pelvic fascial thickening.

Cardinal Ligament Synonyms

It is also known by many different names like

  • Lateral Cervical Ligament
  • Transverse Cervical Ligament
  • Mackenrodt’s Ligament

Cardinal Ligament Location

The structure is situated at the root of the broad uterine ligament. It runs externally continuous with the fibrous tissue that envelops the pelvic blood vessels.

Cardinal Ligament Functions

It is primarily responsible for making a connection between the cervix and the lateral pelvic wall, which is located at the ischial spine. It supports the uterus.

It also comprises of the uterine vein and the uterine artery.

Cardinal Ligament Disorders

The structure lies close to the ureters. Due to this reason, it might suffer damage during ligation.

During a radical hysterectomy, it is essential to remove this ligament through surgical means. This is because the ligament consists of the vascular system that caters to the uterus. There is a high prevalence of presence of cancerous cells in this structure. Due to this, removal of this ligament is highly necessary.

Cardinal Ligament Pictures

Check these useful pictures to get a glimpse of this structure.

Picture of Cardinal Ligament

Picture 1 – Cardinal Ligament

Image of Cardinal Ligament

Picture 2 – Cardinal Ligament Image



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