Central sulcus

Central sulcus
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Central sulcus Definition

It is a furrow or deep groove in the brain. It is said to have a ‘map’ of the body on each side that matches the other side.

It is also known as “Fissure of Rolando” or “Rolandic Fissure,” after the noted Italian anatomist Luigi Rolando.

Central sulcus Location

It is located at a medial position of the lateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere. It is just anterior to the ascending cingulate.

Central sulcus Function

Its primary function is to separate the parietal lobe of the cerebral cortex from the frontal lobe. The parietal lobe also referred to as the Parietal cortex, is the section of the cerebral cortex in either brain hemisphere that is situated under the crown of the head. The frontal lobe, on the other hand, is positioned exactly behind the forehead.

It also separates the primary somatosensory cortex from the primary motor cortex.

Central sulcus Pictures

Here are some useful pictures of Central sulcus that you may find assistive for reference.

Picture of Central sulcus

Picture 1 – Central sulcus

Image of Central sulcus

Picture 2 – Central sulcus Image








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