Costal pleura

Costal pleura Definition

It is defined as the most extensive and strong section of the parietal pleural membrane. It is that part of the parietal pleura that lines the Intercostales and the inner rib surfaces.

Costal pleura Location

It lies adjacent to the intercostals muscles, costal cartilage, and the inner rib surface.

Costal pleura Function

It acts as a lining for:

  • The inner side of the sternum
  • The inmost facet of the ribs
  • The deep costal cartilage surface
  • The lateral thoracic vertebrae margins
  • The deepest layer of the intercostal spaces

Costal pleura Pictures

Check out these useful images of Costal pleura and get an idea about the physical appearance of this parietal pleural section.

Picture of Costal pleura

Picture 1 – Costal pleura

Image of Costal pleura

Picture 2 – Costal pleura Image


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