Cremaster muscle

Cremaster muscle Definition

It is a thin layer of skeletal muscle that covers the testis of males. It is present in both males and females. However, it develops only completely in men. It is much smaller in appearance and is presented by only a few muscular loops in women.

The cremasteric artery supplies the muscle. Nerves are supplied to the structure from the genital branch of the Genitofemoral nerve.

Cremaster muscle Location

It can be found in the scrotum and the inguinal canal between the internal and external layers of spermatic fascia. It surrounds the spermatic cord and the testis. It is a paired muscle, meaning there is one of these muscles on either side of the body.

The muscle originates from the internal oblique muscle and inserts under the testis.

Cremaster muscle Function

The muscle performs a number of functions in the body:

  • It covers the testes and the spermatic cord.
  • It forms the middle layer of the cord as it traverses the canal.
  • It moves the testes, thereby promoting movement of sperm. It also keeps sperms healthy.
  • It lowers and elevates the testes to regulate its temperature. It protects the testes from cold temperature by pressing it against the body and warming it up gradually.
  • During fights or while running, the muscle also protects the testes by drawing it towards the body.

Cremaster Muscle Problems

The muscle can undergo strains and sprains due to wrongly performed exercise or some other cause. In adult males, cramps or spasms of this muscle can be extremely painful and debilitating. Such spasms can be treated by heat application or Botulinum-a toxin injection, which can help relax the muscle. If non-invasive techniques fail to bring about an improvement, minor surgery may be performed to remedy the condition. The operation involves excision of the muscle and has been known to provide total relief from the problem, without giving rise to any side effects.

Cremaster muscle Pictures

These useful images would help you get an idea about the visual appearance of this muscle.

Picture of Cremaster muscle

Picture 1 – Cremaster muscle

Image of Cremaster muscle

Picture 2 – Cremaster muscle Image


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