Thyroid isthmus

Thyroid isthmus Definition

It is the middle section of the thyroid gland.  In Latin, it is known as Isthmus Glandulae Thyroidea.

Thyroid isthmus Anatomy

The structure measures around 1.25 cm in depth and the same in breadth. However, its dimensions and location can vary. It is covered by the fascia and the skin in the mid-line of the neck. On either side of the neck, and near the middle line, it is covered by the Sternothyreoideus. An anastomotic branch runs across its upper border and connects the two superior thyroid arteries. The inferior thyroid veins are located at its lower border.

Thyroid isthmus Location

It lies in a position anterior to the trachea.

Thyroid isthmus Function

It joins one of the lower thirds of the lateral lobes with the other. It also acts as a covering for the second and the third tracheal rings.

Thyroid isthmus Pictures

Take a look at these images to know how this structure of the endocrine system appears to view.

Picture of Thyroid isthmus

Picture 1 – Thyroid isthmus

Image of Thyroid isthmus

Picture 2 – Thyroid isthmus Image


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