Inferior temporal gyrus

What is Inferior temporal gyrus?

It refers to a convolution or elevation on the temporal lobe of the cerebral hemispheres that lie beneath the middle temporal sulcus and stretches to the inferior sulcus.

It is abbreviated as ITG and is also known as “Gyrus Temporalis Inferior”.

Inferior temporal gyrus Location

It is one of the four gyri of its type that is located in the frontal lobe, the cerebral cortex section present in either brain hemisphere that lies in a position directly posterior to the forehead.

It is positioned underneath the middle temporal sulcus and is attached to the inferior occipital gyrus.

Inferior temporal gyrus Function

This convolution is responsible for visual perception. It may also be involved in facial perception. It is believed to be associated with cognitive processes.

Inferior temporal gyrus Pictures

Check out these images of ITG to know how it looks like.

Picture of Inferior temporal gyrus

Picture 1 – Inferior temporal gyrus

Image of Inferior temporal gyrus

Picture 2 – Inferior temporal gyrus Image


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