Medullary Ray

Medullary Ray Definition

It is the center of the renal lobule (also known as cortical lobule) that comprises of a collection of straight distal and proximal tubules that direct from and towards the medulla as well as the collecting ducts.

Medullary Ray Synonyms

It is also known as Ferrein’s Pyramid.

Medullary Ray Location

It extends to the medulla from the cortex and runs perpendicular to the capsule. The name of the structure does not refer to its location. Rather, it is an indication of the destination of this urinary part.

Medullary Ray Function

The tubules of this urinary section serve the glomeruli that lie in an adjacent position.

Medullary Ray Pictures

Take a look at these images of Medullary Ray to know how this urinary structure appears to view.Picture of Medullary Ray

 Picture 1  – Medullary Ray

Image of Medullary Ray

Picture 2 – Medullary Ray Image



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