Ovarian ligament

Ovarian ligament Definition

It refers to a round, cord-shaped thickening of the part of the human body known as the broad ligament. It is also referred to by other names, such as proper ovarian ligament and utero- ovarian ligament.

It is not be mistaken for the suspensory ligament of the ovary, that stretches out from the ovary in the opposite direction.

Ovarian ligament Location

It is situated at the lower end of the broad ligament, where it connects to the uterus. It is particularly situated in the parametrium.

Ovarian ligament Anatomy

It comprises of fibrous and muscular tissues.

Ovarian ligament Function

Along with the rest of the ligaments of the ovary, it attaches itself to the ovary and aids in holding the organ in position.

Ovarian ligament Pictures

Take a look at these useful images to know how this structure appears to view.

icture of Ovarian ligament

Picture 1 – Ovarian ligament

Image of Ovarian ligament

Picture 2 – Ovarian ligament Image




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