Prostatic urethra

Prostatic urethra Definition

It is the widest and most expandable section of the urethra canal. It is approximately 3 cm in length. It is one of the three segments of the male urethra.

Prostatic urethra Location

It extends through the prostate gland almost vertically, from the base to the apex. It lies near the anterior surface of the gland.

Prostatic urethra Origin

It originates at the point where the urethra initiates as the bladder outlet and extends to the section where it rises from the prostate gland apex. It is lubricated by the Cowper’s gland.

Prostatic urethra Appearance

This canal is spindle-shaped in form. It is wider in the midsection rather than in its ends. It is the narrowest at the bottom where it connects to the membranous part. The transverse section of this canal is shaped like a horse-shoe. Its convex part is directed towards the front.

Prostatic urethra Function

At the time of ejaculation, all sperms arrive in this canal. As prostatic fluid is secreted into the urethra, it helps in expulsion of semen.

Prostatic urethra Pictures

Take a look at some of the most carefully chosen images of this canal to get a visual idea about its physical appearance.

Picture of Prostatic urethra

Picture 1 – Prostatic urethra

Image of Prostatic urethra

Picture 2 – Prostatic urethra Image



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