Prostatic utricle

Prostatic utricle Definition

It refers to a tiny diverticulum of the prostatic urethra, lined by epithelium. It is also called the “Vagina masculina.” In old literature, it is found to be mentioned by the name “Vesicula prostatica”. The name Prostatic utricle is actually Latin in origin and stands for “Pouch of the prostrate”.

Prostatic utricle Appearance

It appears as a tiny blind pouch that protrudes into the prostate gland from the wall of the prostatic urethra.

Prostatic utricle Location

It is situated in the verumontanum, at a position between the two apertures of the ejaculatory ducts.

Prostatic utricle Function

Although it apparently serves no function, the noted American physician Robert William Taylor stated that the contraction of this diverticulum allows semen to pass through easily. Thus, it can be regarded as useful during intercourse and an essential part of the male reproductive system.

Prostatic utricle Disorders

In some cases, this pouch can suffer an inflammation. Cysts may also arise on the spot. These are known as Prostatic utricle cyst (PUC) and are more frequently noticed to develop within the first two decades of life. These tend to vary in size and do not generally extend over the prostate gland. The condition may lead to an accumulation of urine in the cysts and possibly cause post-void dribbling.

Prostatic utricle Pictures

Take a peek at these useful images to know how this male reproductive structure looks like.

Picture of Prostatic utricle

Picture 1 – Prostatic utricle

Image of Prostatic utricle

Picture 2 – Prostatic utricle Image


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