Spongy urethra

Spongy urethra Definition

It is the longest section of the male urethra.

Spongy urethra Appearance

The structure is approximately 15 cm long and about 6 mm in diameter. It spreads to the external urethral orifice from the end point of the membranous part of the male urethra.

Spongy urethra Location

It is situated within the corpus spongiosum urethra. It originates from under the inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm and travels upward to the anterior part of the pubic symphysis.

Spongy urethra Function

The exact function of this structure is not known. However, it is believed to be a part of the physical processes of urination and ejaculation.

Spongy urethra Picture

Get an idea about the physical appearance of this urethral section with the help of these useful images.

Picture of Spongy urethra

Picture 1 – Spongy urethra

Image of Spongy urethra

Picture 2 – Spongy urethra Image




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