Duodenal cap

Duodenal cap Definition

It is the first section of the duodenum, or the part of the small intestine within the jejunum and the stomach. It can be seen by fluoroscopy or with the aid of a roentgenogram.

This intestinal structure is also referred to as “Pyloric cap.”

Duodenal cap Appearance

This structure is about 2 cms in length and its walls are smooth in appearance. It is capable of moving readily and consists of a mesentery – a double layer of peritoneum that supports the small intestines and attaches itself to the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity. It is slightly dilated in shape.

Duodenal cap Function

The structure maintains the motility of the stomach.

Duodenal cap Disorders

This is a common site for duodenal ulcers. This is due to the fact that the acidic chyme comes in contact with the duodenal mucosa at this spot before combining with alkaline duodenal secretions.

Duodenal cap Pictures

Take a look at some images of this structure to know about its physical appearance.

Picture of Duodenal cap

Picture 1 – Duodenal cap

Image of Duodenal cap

Picture 2 – Duodenal cap Image






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