Suprameatal triangle

Suprameatal triangle Definition

The suprameatal triangle is an area in the temporal bone.

It is a triangular shape formed by

  • The zygomatic arch root
  • The posterior wall of the external, bony acoustic meatus
  • A line that links the extremities of the zygomatic arch root and the posterior acoustic meatus

The structure is also known as Macewen’s triangle.

Suprameatal triangle Location

It is situated between the posterior root of the zygomatic process and the posterior wall of the external acoustic meatus. In an adult, the mastoid antrum lies at an approximate depth of 1.5 to 2 cm to the suprameatal triangle. The supreameatal triangle is located in a deep position to the cymba conchae.

Suprameatal triangle Functions

This triangular structure is used as an important landmark in operations involving the mastoid antrum, such as Cortical Mastoidectomy. During Mastoidectomy, an instrument may be inserted into the mastoid antrum through this triangle.

Suprameatal triangle Pictures

Here are some Suprameatal triangle images that you will find useful. You may use these Suprameatal triangle photos for reference, medical or otherwise.

Picture of Suprameatal triangle

Picture 1 – Suprameatal triangle

Image of Suprameatal triangle

Picture 2 – Suprameatal triangle Image



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