Trochlear fovea

What is Trochlear fovea?

It is the name given to a shallow depression or pit in the roof of the orbit that is situated near the medial margin to which the cartilaginous pulley of the superior Obliquus oculi is attached.

Trochlear fovea Synonyms

This bodily structure is known by various other names, such as:

  • Fovea trochlearis
  • Fossa trochlearis
  • Trochlear fossa
  • Trochlear pit

Trochlear fovea Location

This depression is located close to the nasal section of the interior surface of the frontal bone. Occasionally, it is also situated near a small trochlear spine, for the adherence of the superior oblique tendon pulley.

Trochlear fovea Picture

Take a look at this Trochlear fovea photos to know how this physical structure looks like. You can use this image of Trochlear fovea for your reference work.

Picture of Trochlear fovea

Picture 1 – Trochlear fovea




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