Dorsal mesentery

Dorsal mesentery Definition

It is the part of mesentery that is joined to the greater curvature of the stomach. The section of this mesentery that is present at the stomach is also known as “Dorsal Mesogastrium” while the segment that suspends the colon is referred to as “Mesocolon.”

Dorsal mesentery Location

It is located in the abdomen of humans. The mesentery is a double layer of peritoneum that associates to the posterior wall of the abdominal cavity and acts as a support for the small intestines. In most vertebrates, the mesentery is a segment of the abdomen. It is described as any segment of the connective tissue that divides the abdomen into distinct sections. The mesentery is said to arise from the dorsal mesentery, which is the embryologic structure.

Picture of Dorsal mesentery

Picture 1 – Dorsal mesentery

When the body folding is completed, the primitive gut is typically classified into three divisions:

  • Foregut
  • Midgut
  • Hindgut

Image of Dorsal mesentery

Picture 2 – Dorsal mesentery Image

The primitive gut usually begins growth as an endodermally lined tube. It is enveloped by splanchnic mesoderm which surrounds the gut and makes a dorsal mesentery. The dorsal mesentery surrounds the remaining part of the primitive gut. The dorsal mesentery develops into the greater omentum. It also prevails to form into the mesentery proper, between the posterior body wall and the small intestine.



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