Suprapleural membrane

suprapleural membrane Definition

It is the thickened section of the endothoracic fascia that extends over the space between the thoracic cage and the parietal pleura.

Suprapleural membrane Synonyms

The structure is also known as Sibson’s fascia. It has been named after Francis Sibson, the British anatomist who described it first.

It is also known by other names like ‘Membrana suprapleuralis’ and ‘Sibson’s aponeurosis’.

Suprapleural membrane Functions

The structure forms a covering for the apex of each lung in humans.

Suprapleural membrane Anatomy

The structure attaches itself to the transverse processes of vertebra C7 and the internal border of the first rib. It extends about 1 inch more superior to the superior thoracic aperture.

Suprapleural membrane Problems

An injury to this membrane may result in herniation of the cervical fascia.

Suprapleural membrane Pictures

Take a look at these images to know how this membrane looks like.

Picture of Suprapleural membrane

Picture 1 – Suprapleural membrane

 Image of Suprapleural membrane

Picture 2 – Suprapleural membrane Image


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