External urethral orifice

External urethral orifice Definition

It refers to the external aperture (opening) of the urethra in males, as well as females, from which urine is passed out during urination.

External urethral orifice in males

In males, the opening is usually found at the tip of the penis. It appears as a vertical slit and is bounded on either side by two small protrusions (shaped like labia). In males, the aperture assists in the twin functions of urination and ejaculation. In females, it only assists in urination.

In some males, the slit may have a round appearance. Although this can occur naturally, it may also happen due to the removal of excess skin during circumcision.

External urethral orifice in females

In females, the organ only assists in urination. It is located in a position right before the vagina and about 2.5 cm rear to the glans clitoridis. It generally appears as a small sagittal cleft with slightly elevated borders.

External urethral orifice Disorders

There can be various problems and deformities of the External urethral orifice. There can be a congenital misplacement of the urethral aperture known as Epispadias (when the opening is situated in the dorsum) and Hypospadias (when the opening is situated under the penis).

External urethral orifice Pictures

Take a look at these images of the External urethral orifice in males.

Picture of External urethral orifice in males

Picture 1 – External urethral orifice (male)

Picture of External urethral orifice in females

Picture 2 – External urethral orifice (female)






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