Vaginal fornix

Vaginal fornix Definition

It refers to any one of the deepest sections of the vagina that extends into the recesses formed by the vaginal region of the cervix.

The word “fornix” is Latin in origin and stands for “arch”. Simply put, Vaginal fornix means the arch of the vagina. It is also known by other names like “Fornix uteri” and “Fornix vaginae”.

Vaginal fornix Location

As already mentioned before, it is at the recess at the vaginal vault. They appear to be near to at least two erogenous spots, the cul-de-sac (close to the posterior fornix) and the AFE zone (close to the anterior fornix).

Vaginal fornix Types

This structure is categorized into three types:

  • Anterior fornix, which is near the vesicouterine pouch
  • Posterior fornix, a larger recess posterior to the cervix that is near the rectouterine pouch
  • Lateral fornix

Vaginal fornix Function

Stimulation of the fornices has been reported to enhance sexual pleasure for some women.

Vaginal fornix Pictures

You will find the following images quite useful in getting an idea about the appearance of this vaginal structure.

Picture of Vaginal fornix

Picture 1 – Vaginal fornix

Image of Vaginal fornix

Picture 2 – Vaginal fornix Image


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