Vaginal orifice

Vaginal orifice Definition

It refers to an aperture that is in a position both rear and posterior to the urethral opening. In Latin, it is referred to as Ostium vaginae. In French, it is known by the name Ostium du vagin.

Vaginal orifice Appearance

It looks like a slit in appearance. The size of this slit varies in inverse proportion to that of the hymen. It may be partially enclosed by the hymen, a fold of mucous membrane.

Vaginal orifice Location

The vaginal slit is located immediately under the vestibule.

Vaginal orifice Function

The Vaginal orifice is important for intercourse, menstrual discharge, and reproduction.

Vaginal Orifice – Clinical relevance

The vaginal orifice becomes a site for the entrance of infectious elements within the body. This entry of bacteria and other infectious and disease-causing organisms is restricted by the lactic acid that makes sure the lining becomes slightly acidic to disallow such elements from entering into the reproductive system via the vaginal orifice.

In case these microorganisms enter the vagina, they may lead to several infectious conditions of the region, including ulcerated sored, prolapsed, and cancerous tumors in a few cases. Prolapse is a condition, however, in which the internal parts of the vagina protrude out of the vaginal orifice.

Vaginal orifice Pictures

Check out these images to know how this structure of the female body appears to view.

Picture of Vaginal orifice

Picture 1 – Vaginal orifice

Image of Vaginal orifice

Picture 2 – Vaginal orifice Image


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