Tubal tonsil

Tubal tonsil Definition

It refers to one of the four primary groups of tonsils that comprise of Waldeyer’s tonsillar ring.

The ring is constituted by:

The structure is also known as Tonsilla tubaria.

Tubal tonsil Location

It is located very near to the torus tabarius. This is the reason why this structure is often referred to as “Tonsil of torus tubarius.” It can be found behind the aperture of the Eustachian tube into the region known as nasopharynx.

Tubal tonsil Pictures

Take a look at these images and find out how the structure exactly appears to view.

Picture of Tubal tonsil

Picture 1 – Tubal tonsil

Image of Tubal tonsil

Picture 2 – Tubal tonsil Image




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