What is Alvus?

Anatomists often use the term “Alvus” to refer to the intestinal tube that extends from the stomach to the anus. In a medical connotation, the term draws a reference to the condition of the excrements or feces within the cavity. Due to this reason, a person in the laxative state (diarrhea) is called Alvus Liquida while one in the costive condition (constipation) is referred to as Alvus Adstricta.

Alvus Location

In humans, this organ is located between the stomach and the anus.

Alvus Functions

An analysis of the Alvus condition of human feces can help determine whether foods have been properly digested. The small intestinal tube is lined with minute hair-like projections called Villi. These structures help absorb nutrients from the inside of the tubular structure and into the blood.


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