Cranial Cavity

Cranial Cavity Definition

Cranial Cavity or the Intracranial Cavity refers to the gap or space formed inside the skull. There are several organs in the Cranial cavity, including the brain, which is lined by melinges, containing cerebrospinal fluids, to cushion blows.

Cranial Cavity Anatomy

The Cranial Cavity forms the floor of the brain, while the skull cap forms the roof of the brain. Eight cranial bones fuse together to form the Cranial Cavity. They are:-

  • Frontal bone
  • Occipital bone
  • Sphenoid bone
  • Ethmoid bone
  • 2 Parietal Bones
  • 2 Temporal Bones

Cranial Cavity Location

Cranial Cavity Location

Cranial Cavity Location

The Cranial Cavity is located inside the skull.

Cranial Cavity Function

The Cranial Cavity anatomy contains a total of eight cranial bones, that are blended together to form this area. The pituitary gland is also found in this cavity. The gland secretes different fluids that are important for the functioning of the different parts of the body. The body’s temperature is regulated by this gland, along with other functions like physical growth and sexual functions. This gland controls the thyroid gland. The capacity of the cranial cavity is 1200-1700 cm3. 

There are twelve Cranial nerves in the Cranial Cavity. These nerves are responsible for providing necessary sensory information for things such as taste, smell, hearing, and sight. The ability of chewing and sleeping are also aided by the Cranial Cavity.

Cranial Cavity Organs

The Cranial Cavity houses the following organs:-

1) The brain (including the frontal, occipital, ethmoid and sphenoid bones and also the two temporal and parietal bones).

2) Meninges

3) Cerebrospinal Fluid.

Cranial Cavity Injury

As there are a number of structures in the Cranial Cavity, a traumatic injury to the head can potentially cause major damage to the brain. This is why it is recommended to get medical attention following a head injury. a moderate injury may cause a few negative effects, if any, while a severe injury to the contents of the cavity may have catastrophic results, including death.


The Cranial Cavity also houses the meninges, among other important organs. These membranes surround the central nervous system. If an infection develops, it may lead to a potentially fatal disease called meningitis.

Cranial Cavity Pictures

Picture of Cranial Cavity

Cranial Cavity Picture

Cranial Cavity Image

Cranial Cavity Image


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