Cuneiform Cartilage

Cuneiform Cartilage
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Cuneiform Cartilage Definition

The Cuneiform Cartilage refers to the structure of the larynx. There are two elongated small pieces of elastic cartilage, which are located on either sides of the aryepiglottic fold (a triangular opening at the opening of the Larynx). The Cuneiform Cartilage is also known as Cartilage of Morgagni, Cartilago Cuneiformis in latin and cartilage cunéiforme in French.

Cuneiform Cartilage Location

Cuneiform Cartilage Location

The Cuneiform Cartilage is an elastic, tough and fibrous connective tissue, that is situated in different sections of the human body such as the larynx, outer ear and the joints. They are located in front and above the Corniculate Cartilages( two small conical nodules consisting elastic cartilages, that articulate with the highest point of the arytenoid cartilages and serve to prolong them medially and posteriorly).

Cuneiform Cartilage Functions

The function of the Cuneiform Cartilage is to support the lateral aspects of the epiglotis and the vocal folds. The presence of the Cuneiform Cartilages and the Corniculate Cartilages result in small bulges on the surface of the mucous membrane. As the Cuneiform Cartilage is covered by the arypiglottic folds, they form the lateral aspect of laryngeal inlet( the opening that connects the larynx to the pharynx), while the corniculate cartilages form the posterior aspect, and the epiglottis, the anterior.

Cuneiform Cartilage Pictures

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