Deltoid tuberosity

Deltoid tuberosity Definition

It refers to a bumpy area on the shaft of the humerus which the deltoid muscle is attached to. The word “Tuberosity” comes from the term “Tuber” which is of Latin origin and means “A lump.”

It is also known by various other names, such as:

  • Tuberosity
  • Tubérosité deltoïdienne
  • Tuberositas deltoidea
  • Tuberositas deltoidea (Corpus humeri)

Deltoid tuberosity Location

It is found on the lateral edge of the mid-humeral shaft. It is vertically oblong in appearance.

Deltoid tuberosity Anatomy

It appears as a rough, triangular region in human anatomy. The development of this structure, through endochondral ossification, occurs in two phases:

  • Initiating tendon-dependent phase
  • Muscle-dependent growth phase

Deltoid tuberosity Function

As aforesaid, it is the site of attachment for the deltoid muscle.

Deltoid tuberosity Images

Take a look at these pictures to know how this bony region appears to view.

Picture of Deltoid tuberosity

Picture 1 – Deltoid tuberosity

Image of Deltoid tuberosity

Picture 2 – Deltoid tuberosity Image


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