Intersphincteric groove

Intersphincteric groove Definition

It refers to a groove or furrow in the anal canal. It forms the lower margin of the pecten analis that separates the margin of the internal anal sphincter from the subcutaneous section of the external anal sphincter.

The structure is also known as “Hilton’s White Line.”It has been named after the famous British surgeon John Hilton.

Intersphincteric groove Appearance

The line is white in color in living human beings. This is the reason behind its other name “Hilton’s White Line”.

Intersphincteric groove Location

It can be found slightly under the pectinate line, the line dividing the lower 1/3 and upper 2/3s of the anal canal. The pectinate line marks the intermuscular border between the muscles of the external and internal anal sphincter.

Intersphincteric groove Pictures

Take a look at this useful image of the groove to get an idea about its physical appearance.

Picture of Intersphincteric groove

Picture 1 – Intersphincteric groove


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