Mainstem bronchus

Mainstem bronchus Definition

It is one of the two main branches (bronchi) in humans that the trachea (windpipe) is divided into. It can refer to either the right or the left bronchus.

Mainstem bronchus Types

This respiratory structure is classified into two types:

Right Mainstem bronchus

It enters the right lungs and is approximately 2.5 cm in length. It is shorter, wider and points more vertically than the left bronchus.

Left Mainstem bronchus

It enters the base of the left lung and is about 5 cm long. Although smaller in diameter, it is longer than the right bronchus.

Mainstem bronchus Function

The primary function of the bronchi is to supply oxygen to the left and the right lungs to facilitate gaseous exchange.

Mainstem bronchus Pictures

Go over some useful pictures of this respiratory structure to know how it appears to view.

Picture of Right Mainstem bronchus

Picture 1 – Mainstem bronchus

Image of Left Mainstem bronchus

Picture 2 – Mainstem bronchus Image



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