Lambdoid Suture

Lambdoid Suture
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Lambdoid Suture Definition & Location

It refers to a thick, fibrous connective tissue joint found in the posterior area of the skull which links the parietal bones with the occipital bone. The structure is also called as Lambdoidal Suture and is consistent with the occipitomastoid suture.

Lambdoid Suture Location

Lambdoid Suture Location

This suture is derived from the Greek letter which means lambda.

Lambdoid Suture Anatomy

This structure is created by the parietals and the interparietal portion of the occipital. It broadens from asterion to asterion.

Lambdoid Suture Diastasis

Diastasis of this structure is considered present when the suture expands more than 1.5mm in measurement or where a difference of more than 1 mm is observed between the right and left halves.

Lambdoid Suture Complications

Quick closure of this suture on one side often gives the skull a deformed or twisted look. The shape of the skull is termed as Plagiocephaly and the condition is called as Craniosynostosis.

Lambdoid Suture Pictures

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