Sustentaculum Tali

Sustentaculum Tali
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Sustentaculum Tali Definition

It refers to a horizontal shelf which arises from the anteromedial portion of the heel bone or calcaneus. The superior surface of the tali is bowl-shaped and communicates with the middle calcaneal surface of the talus. The inner surface has a channel for the tendon of flexor hallucis longus.

This structure is also known as Talar Shelf.

Sustentaculum Tali  Location

It is present on the medial side of the calcaneus.

Sustentaculum Tali Location

Sustentaculum Tali Location

Sustentaculum Tali Etymology

The name is derived from a Latin word-sustenus which means to support. Tali refer to the talus bone present in the body.

Sustentaculum Tali Anatomy

The Talar Shelf is associated with several ligamentous structures namely:

  • Deltoid Ligament (Medial Surface)
  • Plantar Calcaneonavicular Ligament (Anterior Surface)
  • Medial Talocalcaneal Ligament

Sustentaculum Tali Function

It is viewed as a weight-bearing carcass, essential for locomotion and to stand upright, however it is also vulnerable to injury. It sustains the interior of talus and prevents the ankle from sloping inward when the weight is put on the foot. Hence, it serves to maintain the center of gravity of the human body.

Sustentaculum Tali Pathology

This structure is involved in a number of medical cases of tarsal coalition, subtalar coalition and specifically talocalcaneal coalition.

Sustentaculum Tali Fracture

Fracture is typically caused due to an intense trauma or an accident. A direct medical approach is recommended in such cases. Fractures, where there are depressions of the medial facet, can be repaired or alternatively condensed percutaneously.

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Image of Sustentaculum Tali

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Sustentaculum Tali Photo

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