Middle temporal gyrus

Middle temporal gyrus Definition

It refers to a gyrus, meaning an elevation or a convex fold, on the temporal lobe in the surface of the brain. This structure should not be confused with medial temporal lobe.

It is abbreviated as MTG or even GTm. GTm refers to the fact that it is also often referred to as Gyrus temporalis medius.

Middle temporal gyrus Location

This physical structure is situated between the superior and the inferior temporal gyrus.

Middle temporal gyrus Function

The exact function of this brain fold is unknown as yet. However, it has been associated with brain processes like:

  • Recognizing familiar faces
  • Ascertaining distance
  • Understanding meaning of words while reading

Middle temporal gyrus Pictures

Get a glimpse into the Middle temporal gyrus by taking a look at some of its images.

Picture of Middle temporal gyrus

Picture 1 – Middle temporal gyrus

Image of Middle temporal gyrus

Picture 2 – Middle temporal gyrus Image








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