Zona reticularis

Zona reticularis Definition

It is the innermost of the three tissue layers of the cortex in the adrenal gland. It comprises of cylindrical masses of epithelial cells that are arranged in an irregular, netlike fashion. The other two adrenal cortex layers, lying above this layer, are Zona glomerulosa and Zona fasciculata.

Zona reticularis Location

It lies immediately next to the medulla.

Zona reticularis Appearance

This tissue layer is structurally a little different from Zona fasciculata. Its cells are less vacuolated, more irregular and smaller in size than those of Zona fasciculata.

Zona reticularis Function

It acts in collaboration with the Zona fasciculate and is primarily involved in the synthesis as well as secretion of different sex hormones that work as a substitute for gonadal hormones. It also produces Glucocorticoids.

Zona reticularis Pictures

Take a look at some of the most carefully selected images of Zona reticularis to know how this physical structure appears to view.

Picture of Zona reticularis

Picture 1 – Zona reticularis

Image of Zona reticularis

Picture 2 – Zona reticularis Image







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