Orifice of ureter

Orifice of ureter Definition

It refers to any of the openings that allow passage of urine to the bladder from the ureter. It is known by various other names, such as:

  • Mercier’s bar
  • Orifice of ureter
  • Ureterovesical orifice
  • Ureteric ostium
  • Ureteric orifice
  • Ostium ureteris (Latin)
  • Ostium de l’uretère (French)

Orifice of ureter Location

It is located at the postero-lateral angles of the Trigonum vesicae.

Orifice of ureter Appearance

These openings are generally slit-like in appearance and are approximately 2.5 cm apart in the contracted bladder. These are located about the same distance away from the internal urethral orifice.

Orifice of ureter Picture

Take a peek at these images of Orifice of the ureter to know these physical structures look like.

Picture of Orifice of ureter

Picture 1 – Orifice of ureter

Image of Orifice of ureter

Picture 2 – Orifice of ureter Image






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