Panniculus adiposus

What is Panniculus adiposus?

It refers to the fatty layer present below the different layers of skin.

Panniculus adiposus Location

This is situated outside the layer of thin muscles known as Panniculus carnosus, in the deeper layers of the skin. It is found in various spots of the body such as the areas surrounding the kidneys, lower abdomen, retroperitoneal region, and back. It is quite thicker in the buttocks, abdomen, and hips than other locations.

Panniculus adiposus Anatomy

It is one of the subcutaneous layers or layers which make up the skin. It is composed of connective tissue fibers that are loosely assembled.

Panniculus adiposus Functions

This fatty section of the body participates in an array of functions. It helps in insulation and storing of electrolytes, fluids, and energy. It also equips the body with shock absorbing capabilities.

Panniculus adiposus Pictures

These images would make your perceptions about this fatty structure clearer.

Picture of Panniculus adiposus

Picture 1 – Panniculus adiposus

Image of Panniculus adiposus

Picture 2 – Panniculus adiposus Image


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