Renal fascia

Renal fascia
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What is Renal fascia?

It refers to a protective covering around each kidney. It is also known by the names “Gerota’s fascia” and “Gerota’s capsule.”

In Latin, it is referred to as “Fascia renalis.”

Renal fascia Anatomy

It is made up of connective tissue, a type of strong fibrous tissue that can be found all through the human body. The structure is surrounded by two layers of adipose tissue, a layer below and one above it. The layers beneath it are:

  • Perirenal fat, or adipose capsule of the kidney
  • Renal capsule
  • Parenchyma of the renal cortex

Renal fascia Location

As aforesaid, it covers both kidneys of the body. It lies external to the kidneys and acts as a superficial covering for the excretory organs.

Renal fascia Functions

It is mainly involved in securely containing the adipose layers and other forms of tissue lying under it. It also extends protection to them from organ damage as a result of collisions associated with injury.

Renal fascia Images

Know how this urinary structure looks like with the aid of these pictures.

Picture of Renal fascia

Picture 1 – Renal fascia

 Image of Renal fascia

Picture 2 – Renal fascia Image


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