Renal lobe

Renal lobe Definition

It is a part of the kidney that comprises of a renal pyramid as well as a renal cortex on top of it. The structure can be viewed in humans without a microscope. It is difficult to find it out in animals without the aid of such an apparatus. This is due to the fact that it comprises of many renal lobules. These are invisible to the naked eye.

It is known in Latin as “lobi renales”.

Renal lobe Appearance

It appears as a single pyramid surrounded by cortex.

Renal lobe Location

As the name indicates, it is situated in the kidney region.

Renal lobe Pictures

Take a peek at these useful images of Renal lobe to know how this section of the kidney looks like.

Picture of Renal lobe

Picture 1 – Renal lobe

Image of Renal lobe

Picture 2 – Renal lobe Image




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