Seminal colliculus

Seminal colliculus Definition

It is an elevated section of the urethral crest.

The structure is also referred to by various other names, such as:

  • Colliculus seminalis (Latin)
  • Colliculus seminal (French)

Seminal colliculus Location

It is actually a region close to the entry point of the seminal vesicles.

Seminal colliculus Function

The prostatic utricle and the two ejaculatory ducts open on this structure. It is also significant in classifying various developmental disorders of the urethra.

Seminal colliculus Pictures

Take a look at these images to know about the position of this section in the human body.

Picture of Seminal colliculus

Picture 1 – Seminal colliculus

Image of Seminal colliculus

Picture 2 – Seminal colliculus Image


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