Superior temporal gyrus

What is Superior temporal gyrus?

It refers to one of the three gyri, or convolutions and is located in the temporal lobe of the brain of humans. It is the topmost gyrus of the human temporal lobe. Simply put, it is one of the elevations or convex folds in the surface of the human brain.

Superior temporal gyrus Location

It is placed at a position above the external ear.

Superior temporal gyrus Function

This convolution consists of the primary auditory cortex, which is responsible mainly for processing sounds. It also comprises of the Wernicke’s area, which is a major region in the human body that is involved in assisting humans to comprehend language.

The structure is also believed to be responsible for processing the emotions indicated by facial expressions.

Superior temporal gyrus Anatomy

This important brain structure comprises of the superior temporal sulcus below and the lateral sulcus above. It also consists of a line that is drawn in a posterior manner to the lateral sulcus from the preoccipital notch.

This gyrus comprises of a number of vital structures of the brain, which include:

  • Wernicke’s area – As aforesaid, it is involved in the processing of speech that can help it to be understood as language.
  • Brodmann areas 41 and 42 – These mark the site of the primary adrenal cortex, the cortical area that is involved in producing audio sensations.

Superior temporal gyrus Pictures

Check out these images to know how the gyrus appears to view.

Picture of Superior temporal gyrus

Picture 1 – Superior temporal gyrus

Image of Superior temporal gyrus

Picture 2 – Superior temporal gyrus Image


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