Tunica vaginalis

Tunica vaginalis
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What is Tunica vaginalis?

It refers to a serous sac that contains the testicle and sections of the body and tip of the epididymis. It is the serous membranous covering of the testis.

In Latin, the structure is referred to as “Tunica vaginalis testis”.

Tunica vaginalis Location

This pouch-like structure is situated within the testicles. It descends into the scrotum immediately in front of the testicle.

Tunica vaginalis Anatomy

This serous pouch comprises of two layers of serous membranes that cover the Tunica vaginalis albuginea – a layer of the fibrous substance that enwraps the testes. It extends 1 cm into the spermatic cord. The inner surface of the sac is smooth and covered by a stratum of simple cuboidal mesothelial cells.

The pouch has two sections:

Visceral lamina

It covers the major part of the epididymis and the testis, connecting one organ to the other with the help of a distinct fold.

Parietal lamina

It is even more than the visceral lamina. It extends upwards for some length in front and on the medial edge of the cord.

The cavity of the Tunica vaginalis is constituted by the space between the parietal and visceral laminae.

Tunica vaginalis Function

It is one of the various tissue layers that are involved in the scrotum structure to protect and support the scrotal contents. It protects the tip of the epididymis and the testicle.

Tunica vaginalis Disorders

The sac can be affected by any of the following disorders:

  • Cartilaginous Bodies
  • Hydrocele
  • Hematocele
  • Mesothelioma

Tunica vaginalis Pictures

Know about the physical appearance of this structure with the help of these images.

Picture of Tunica vaginalis

Picture 1 – Tunica vaginalis

 Image of Tunica vaginalis

Picture 2 – Tunica vaginalis Image






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