Urethral sponge

Urethral sponge Definition

It refers to a tissue that appears as a sponge-like cushion. It is present in the lower genital region of women. It comprises of erectile tissue.

Urethral sponge Location

This urinary structure enwraps the urethra and is placed against the vaginal wall as well as the pubic bone.

Urethral sponge Function

When a woman gets aroused during intercourse, the tissue gets swollen with blood. It presses against the urethra and helps avoid urination at the time of sexual activity. It is helped by the pubococcygeus muscle. The structure also comprises of the Skene’s glands which is said to be involved in female ejaculation.

The stimulation of the urethral sponge provides some women with intense sexual pleasure at the time of intimacy.

Urethral sponge Picture

The following image will help you know about the physical appearance of this structure of the female reproductive system.

Picture of Urethral sponge

Picture 1 – Urethral sponge



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