Renal sinus

Renal sinus Definition

It refers to the main cavity of the kidney that is situated in the center of the organ.

Renal sinus Anatomy

It is surrounded by the renal marrow and comprises of:

  • Renal pelvis
  • Renal calyces
  • Fat
  • Nerves
  • Blood vessels

Renal sinus Synonyms

The structure is also referred to by various other names like:

  • Sinus of kidney
  • Sinus renalis (in Latin)
  • Sinus renal (in French)

Renal Sinus Functions

The renal sinus leads to the communication with perinephric space. It is the largest division of the retroperitoneum. This space is easily identifiable as it accommodates the kidneys, proximal collecting systems, renal vessels as well as adrenal glands.

Renal sinus Problems

Various health issues can affect this structure. These include:

Non-cancerous lesions

These include cysts and aneurysms developing in the sinus as well as inflammation of the cavity.

Renal cell carcinoma

It refers to a cancerous condition of the kidney which is frequently diagnosed through CT scan of the renal sinus.

Renal sinus Lipomatosis

This is a condition characterized by the accumulation of nontumorous fatty tissue inside the sinus.

Many other disorders of a less complicated nature, such as diabetes, may also affect the cavity. The problems within this structure are usually treated by a nephrologist, although urologists may also be needed for cure.

Renal Sinus Clinical Significance

The renal sinus’ connection with the perinephric space makes CT scanning and identification of various pathological conditions easier for medical practitioners. This is because it contains a sufficient amount of fat that makes CT scanning and identification simple.

Renal Sinus ultrasonography is considered hyperechoic when compared to renal parenchyma. During the Ultrasound, the renal sinus, if normal, is seen as a region with enhanced echoes with varied contours. It appears like this because of its fat-parenchyma interface. On the other hand, a damaged renal pelvis hard to be distinguished from the echogenic fat accumulated in the renal sinus.

Renal sinus Pictures

Take a peek at these images to know how this kidney cavity appears to view.

Picture of Renal sinus

Picture 1 – Renal sinus

 Image of Renal sinus

Picture 2 – Renal sinus Image


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