Major calyx

Major calyx
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Major calyx Definition

It refers to a fusion of the minor calyxes in the body. It is a section of the kidney that is actually a division of the pelvis into 2-3 tubes that are divided into a number of minor calyces – usually 8-14.

Major calyx Anatomy

This section of the kidney appears as a large chamber. It is funnel-shaped in appearance.

Major calyx Function

This kidney structure enwraps the apex of the renal pyramids. Following production in the kidney, urine enters into a minor calyx following a passage through a renal papilla located at the apex. It then enters into the Major calyx and is passed into the ureter through the renal pelvis.

Major calyx Pictures

These are some useful images that would help you to understand the physical appearance of this kidney section.

Picture of Major calyx

Picture 1 – Major calyx

 Image of Major calyx

Picture 2 – Major calyx Image


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