Parietal pleura

Parietal pleura
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Parietal pleura Definition

It is the outermost of the pleural membranes, which are two in number, and forms a lining for the chest cavity that contains the lungs.

In Latin, this organ is known as “Pleura Parietalis”.

Parietal pleura Location

It is affixed to the wall of the thoracic cavity and covers the superior diaphragm surface. The endothoracic fascia joins it to the inner side of the thoracic cavity.

Picture of Parietal pleura

Picture 1 – Parietal pleura

Parietal pleura Function

It covers the diaphragm and lines the inner walls of the chest. This structure is a serous membrane and produces a type of serous fluid referred to as Pleural fluid. The fluid helps the surfaces of the visceral and parietal pleura easily glide over each other when the lungs dilate and contract during respiration.

Parietal pleura Types

Based on the area that it covers on either side of the thorax, this structure is classified into various types:

The joints of these areas are considered to be the sites of pleural reflection.

Parietal pleura Description

The phrenic and the intercostals nerves innervate the Parietal pleura. It isolates the pleural cavity from the mediastintum. This physical structure comprises of a thin basal layer of fibrous tissue that is covered by a uniform layer of mesothelial cells. These cells secrete a lubricating substance that lines the pleural cavity.

The costal segment of the parietal pleura acts as a lining for the inner slope of the ribs and intercostal muscles located within them. It is the endothoracic fascia that separates it from these structures. The intercostal nerves innervated this section. The phrenic nerve innervates the diaphragmatic section of the parietal pleura which lies over the diaphragm. It also caters to the mediastinal portion of the parietal pleura which forms the lateral mediastinum wall.

Parietal pleura Pictures

Here are some carefully selected images of Parietal pleura that you may find quite useful for reference.

Image of Parietal pleura

Picture 2 – Parietal pleura Image

Parietal pleura - Enhancing

Picture 3 – Enhancing Parietal pleura



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